Support Coordination


The Dent County Board has entered into a partnership with the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) to provide Support Coordination to disabled individuals in Dent County.

 Support Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that the individuals receiving supports have access to and receive services that meet their individual needs. These are accomplished by formulating a Personal Plan, informing the individual of available services, and then linking the individual to those services from agencies in the community. In addition, the Support Coordinator acts as an advocate for the individual by encouraging them to exercise their rights and make their voice heard for improvements or changes. 

We also assist families with school age children by providing advocacy services for their IEP’s. 

Support Coordinators have proven to be a valuable asset to our developmentally disabled citizens in helping them access all available services . 

Support Coordinators

Stacey White

Support Coordinator


Amanda Taylor 

Support Coordinator

Danielle Powell

Support Coordinator


Angelea Smith

Support Coordinator


If you have any questions, positive comments or concerns about our Support Coordination, services we provide or agencies we are contacted with feel free to included in the survey. 


Feel free to contact Amanda Sapaugh, Executive Director  at (573) 729-4738